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System prerequisites

To use the editor, you should at least have Windows Internet Explorer Version 6. Editors and developers often connect to external servers; in this case, internet access is also required. 

Settings of the Internet Explorer

Include the editor in the zone of trustworthy sites

To fully operate editor and use all of its comfortable options, you should make some adjustments. If editor is to be accessible via an external website, these adjustments should be made for the internet zone. We would, however, not recommend this. The better option is to include this website in your zone of trustworthy sites and make the adjustments for this zone.

Please use the Internet Explorer to go to the login page of the editor to include it into the zone of trustworthy sites. Open the Internet options (menu item Extras > Internet options). Change to the tab Security. Select the zone "Trustworthy sites" and click on the button "Sites". In the first text field, the correct address should already be indicated that you add to the list of trustworthy sites by a click on the button "Add". Then close all dialogues.

Adjust level of "trustworthy sites"

Open the internet options, select the tab Security and click on the zone "Trustworthy sites". By a click on the button "Adjust level", you have the possibility to adjust several settings.

First of all, you should enable the support of JavaScript because you cannot use editor or log on to it without JavaScript. Scroll down to the scripting settings and activate all items.

Cookies sessions are saved with cookies. In doing so, the server saves a unique session ID in a cookie in order to recognise the user when he logs on again; otherwise the password would have to be entered again for every action in the editor.

To enable cookies, call the login page. Go to Internet options and select the tab Data protection. Set the controller on the position "Medium". Confirm with a click on "OK".