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The object tab "Versions" lists all previous versions of the object, in fact all versions from the very first one that was created to the most recent (current) one are listed. Every version can be retrieved, i. e. the current version will be replaced by the archived version, but only if the following two conditions are fulfilled:

  1. The old version passes the validity check against the current schema. If new mandatory elements or attributes have been defined in the meantime or other changes of the structure have been made, this old version cannot be restored.

  2. The referential integrity is not violated, i. e. the archived version does not contain any references to objects that have been deleted in the meantime.

With the link "Compare", online editors can check all changes that have been made on an object in the meantime. The relevant version is always compared with the current version. To do this, a new window opens showing the current version on the right and the version to be compared with it on the left. The XML views (see XML Views) of the versions are compared with each other. Elements no longer existing in the current version are marked in red on the left-hand side; elements that have been added are marked in yellow on the right. Changes of elements are marked in green on both sides.