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Configuring a ChangeSet

The new ChangeSet can now be adapted to the needs by clicking on the button “configure”.


Three different modes per ChangeSet can be set.


Whoever works in this ChangeSet can edit all documents to which he has access. This is standard for new ChangeSets.

Accepted documents blocked

Documents which have been given the status “accepted” can no longer be edited. This makes sense if workflows are being worked with in the ChangeSet and a phase of quality assurance starts. For more on the different statuses in a ChangeSet

Completely blocked

No (more) changes can be made within this ChangeSet. This is particularly wise for quality assurance phases in which a “frozen zone” has been included. During this time, no more changes may be made in the contents to be tested, so that no new errors can worm their way into documents that have already been checked.