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Example workflow

The editor in charge would like to examine all documents for approval which have been set to the “finished”status by the editors.

In order to do this he first opens the ChangeSet in a new window and positions it in such a way that he can see both editor windows at the same time. He goes to the change view in the ChangeSet window and hides all documents first by clicking on the headings “changes” and “status”. He then activates the column “finished” under “status” only. Now only those documents with this status are shown in the list.

The editor in charge now goes through the list and examines the document changes. It is shown which these are by the grey checkmarks in the columns under “changes”. Depending on the change, previewing the document or opening it in the editor may become necessary.


Both can be performed via the context menu by right-clicking once on the name or path in the list. If “open” is selected, the document opens in the first editor window and the change list of the ChangeSet stays open in the editor window.

The checkmark for the examined document can now be changed directly in the change list from “approved”to “accepted” or “rejected” by clicking in the free field of the respective column.


The edited element will now automatically disappear from the list of changes