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Previewing changes

If you access a preview in the ChangeSet from the change lists or by right-clicking in the tree view, you will see exactly the state which corresponds to the current productive state with the changes of the current ChangeSet. You will not get to see changes which are made simultaneously in another ChangeSet.

However, you also have the possibility of including changes from other ChangeSets in the preview. In order to do this, you need to click on the element using the right-hand mouse button while holding down the ALT key. Instead of the preview, you will then see the “configurable preview”option in the context menu. This enables you to see a configured preview. In this preview you now have the possibility of selecting the ChangeSets to be included in this preview using checkboxes. These settings will now also be used for future previews which are accessed via the normal route.

Exactly the same applies for the productive environment: the conventional preview opens a preview independently of the ChangeSets. However, a preview with several ChangeSets can also be activated with ALT+right-click.


This setting stays unchanged until the session in the preview browser expires due to user inactivity. This time is set to 15 minutes as standard.


In this way you can look at different working states separately as well as a combination of several of them.


our enterprise is working on the website relaunch mentioned above. The new layout is to go online at a particular time. There is a ChangeSet for this relaunch.

At the same time work on the Special for Christmas is taking place which is to be put online for a certain period. The peculiarity here is that the Special is to go online before the relaunch, and is also to stay there for some time after the relaunch. This Special also has its own ChangeSet.

A preview can be created within each one of the ChangeSets during the QA phase, meaning you can see the Special with the old layout or the new layout without Special.

If you now access the preview from the productive area, you can activate the two ChangeSets for this preview in the assistant and thus check what the Special looks like together with the new layout.