In order to recognise information types in the tree structure of the web editor, a specific icon can be defined for each type. This is done in the file "schemaIconMapping.config".
The main directory for the graphic resources is indicated in the attribute “rootFolder” of the root element of this file. This means there is no need to indicate the path to the main directory for each graphic.

The following example shows how an individual graphic is shown for a guest book entry.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<schemaIconMapping xmlns="http://onionworks.net/2004/webeditor/customizing" rootFolder="images">
  <icon location=http://www.getit.de/2007/guestbook/post collapsed="icons/mail.png" /> 
  <icon location=http://www.getit.de/2007/guestbook/guestbook collapsed="icons/logo.png" />