Set column width for the item identifier

In the case of larger data structures, complex data types are often used for the purpose of better arrangement. The longest identifier for the column width is used in the representation of these data types in each case. Thus each data type has a different width when several complex data types are represented one above the other. However, by fixing the width you can arrange the layout more evenly. This makes it easier to read. The following example shows two complex data types with the corresponding attribute LabelColumnWidth.


  <namespace name="Onion.Client.WebUI">  
    <namespace name="Editor">
       <type name="">
         <item name="ComplexType:trainings#LabelColumnWidth">250</item>
         <item name="Element:hybris#Label">Hybris:</item>
         <item name="ComplexType:secretariat#LabelColumnWidth">250</item>
         <item name="Element:mobilephone#Label">Firmenhandy:</item>