Set ComplexType persmission on a group basis

It is possible to limit access to a ComplexType in the editor based on groups. Important: this restriction only takes effect for the editor. Access via the API is also possible.

The possible restrictions are “invisible” i.e. the element is not visible for the editor and “Disabled” i.e. the element as wells as its contents are visible but not editable.

The properties can be specified via the parameters “PermittedGroups” with a list of groups and “PermittedGroupsMode” with the above mentioned restrictions..

<item name="ComplexType:typeNameA#PermittedGroups">Gruppe A|Gruppe B</item>
<item name="ComplexType:typeNameA#PermittedGroupsMode">Invisible</item>
<item name="ComplexType:typeNameB#PermittedGroups">Gruppe C</item>
<item name="ComplexType:typeNameB#PermittedGroupsMode">Disabled</item>

In “PermittedGroups”, all groups are to be listed which are to be given unrestricted access to the ComplexType. The restriction set in “PermittedGroupsMode” however applies for all other groups that are not listed in “PermittedGroups”.