The language of the editor is selected based on the language of the browser. If the set language has not been configured or recognised, then there is a “fallback” language. This “fallback” language is configured in the file “resourceBundles.config”. The default setting is English.

The language is initially only supported for the existing elements, since there is a configuration for the terms and texts. The names of the attributes and elements from the schemas are used for the forms generated from the XSD. However, these can be exchanged for user-friendly texts later on and be made available for various languages.

Defining texts for the elements works in the same way as for the default forms. There are configuration files for each language, e.g. “en.config”, in which values can be set for the individual elements.

The following sections will describe how to set the language for forms, lists, context menu and further basic elements and which formattings can be used for these.