The context menu appears when you click on an element in the tree structure with the right-hand mouse button. There are two groups in this context menu – one is the adding of elements and the other is functions for elements, such as copying or renaming.

The naming of the functions is controlled in the language configuration of the directory “System”. In the language files there should be a type named “contextMenu”, in which the language for the functions and headings of the context menu can be set.

For the context menus in the user administration and schema administration, there are specific types, which are defined underneath as contextMenu usermanager and contextMenu schemamanager.

Under “New” in the context menu, all elements are listed which can be added as a child element for the current element. Normally, the namespace or name of the element is shown and may become rather long. You can therefore also give these elements an alias as well as an icon.

The example shows the assignment of aliases for several schemas.

  <type name="SchemaTypeNames">
    <item name="">Forum</item>
    <item name="">Thema</item>
    <item name="">Gruppe</item>
    <item name="">Benutzer</item>