In the forms, the captions before the form fields and header can be translated. Title attributes can also be defined for the captions, allowing a descriptive text to be shown when you move over the caption.
The translations for these elements are to be entered into the language file under the namespace editor.

The following example shows a translation for a user form.

  <namespace name="Editor">
      <type name="">
        <item name="Element:groups#HideHeader">true</item>
      <type name="">
        <item name="Element:user#Header">Benutzer</item>
        <item name="Element:firstname#Label">Vorname:</item>
        <item name="Element:lastname#Label">Nachname:</item>
        <item name="Element:nickname#Label">Benutzername:</item>
        <item name="Element:mail#Label">E-Mail Adresse:</item>
        <item name="Element:mail#Title">Vergeben Sie eine gültige E-Mail Adresse.</item>

The example also shows a customising for groups. Since the name of the group has already been set via the title, no further attributes are needed. This means there are no further input fields in the form field. Only the form heading is shown. The heading is therefore hidden in the example.