The language of the list headers is set in the language file.
There is a further namespace for this entitled “ListViews”. If the namespace is not yet present in the language file, then it must be created.

The texts for the column heads can now be written in this namespace.

The following example shows what the columns of a user overview for name, user name and email address could look like, as well as a further list for the overview of forum topics.

 <namespace name="ListViews">
      <type name="">
        <item name="">Vor- und Nachname</item>
        <item name="column.nickname">Benutzername</item>
        <item name="column.mail">E-Mail Adresse</item>
      <type name="">
        <item name="column.thread">Thema</item>
        <item name="column.nickname">Ersteller</item>

Example: List header for user and topic list