SharePoint Integration

The integration between and SharePoint 2010 consists of two components. SharePoint Integration Datasource Server

The Datasource server provides the Render Engine with data from SharePoint. A Datasource server is configured for a SharePoint Site and can provide information on SharePoint webs, lists and ContentTypes.

Any number of Render Engines can be connected to this Datasource server in order to process this information. In order to relieve the SharePoint, this information can be cached in the Render Engine. If data in the SharePoint changes, this leads to the event-driven expiry of the cached data in the Render Engine.

Weitere Links zum SharePoint Integration Data Source Server: Render Engine WebPart

The Render Engine WebPart implements an Render Engine. This WebPart is able to obtain its information from various data sources (e.g. or SharePoint) and render the data by means of XSLT.