In this example installation of the SharePoint Integration, we are going by the example structure as created in the installation guide.

For this installation guide it is assumed that a SharePoint is already installed on the server. If only the SharePoint Integration Data Source Server is installed, the directory "c:\\services" should already be available. If only the Render Engine WebPart is installed, or is installed additionally, then an instance of (Information Server, Editor and Render Engine) should also already be installed and configured.

The files needed for the installation are located in the Distribution in the directory " SharePoint 2010 Integration". The following subdirectories are now contained in this directory.

Component Service type Short description
Datasource Server Windows service Server, which connects to a SharePoint Site and delivers its data.
Editor Module ASP.NET Contains an module for importing the necessary schemas, transformations, data and editors for the integration.
Render Engine Datasource ASP.NET Contains DLLs which must be added to an Render Engine in order to connect to a SharePoint Integration Datasource Server.
WebPart ASP.NET Contains a SharePoint solution.

The installation of the Datasource server is described in the following, as are the WebParts. If you install both or install one of the two later on, you may find that the two guides repeat points or procedures. You can skip these.