onion.net Render Engine WebPart

1. Installing the Solution

Go to the current distribution directory and then to the directory “onion.net SharePoint 2010 Integration / WebPart”.

In this directory there is a SharePoint solution file (wsp). You install this solution in SharePoint and make it available to the site configured in the Datasource server. If you have already installed the onion.net Render Engine WebPart and made it available in the same site collection, then this solution no longer needs to be installed and made available.

In the site collection features there is now an onion.net SharePoint Integration feature which you must activate, and then there is a new point “onion.net configuration” in the site settings with two subitems.

Now click on the link “configure onion.net WebPart”. On this page you configure the onion.net Render Engine integrated in the WebPart.

2. Configuring onion.net in the site collection

In the site collection administration of the site settings there is now a further point "onion.net configuration". In this form you can configure the onion.net Render Engine WebPart.

The configuration section for this WebPart is the same section as in a normal onion.net Render Engine.

3. Importing onion.net Editor module

If you have not yet installed the Editor module for the onion.net SharePoint Integration Datasource Server, then you import the module now. It is located in the current distribution directory under “onion.net SharePoint 2010 Integration / Editor Module.

When importing the module you should also install optional elements along with it. A SharePoint container is also created as a document here.

After importing successfully, follow the instructions in the module.