Data view “webs”

The “webs” view lists all websites and subsites of a site collection. Since each web can be localised, all possible languages of the web are listed in this view.

The XLink for a site contains no language as the only XLink.

<webs xmlns:onion="">
<web defaultLanguage="de" root="true">
<language name="de" href="sharepoint://web(de)@09e63784-566a-4c90-b4f9-6dd886feb844" title="Contoso GmbH" />
<language name="en" href="sharepoint://web(en)@09e63784-566a-4c90-b4f9-6dd886feb844" title="Contoso Ltd." />
<web defaultLanguage="de">
<language name="de" href="sharepoint://web(de)@3b8eebb4-f517-4066-9bb7-311255a79148" title="BB-Bikes" />