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Creating and distributing modules

version 1 by Daniel Neumann


No more prerequisites are needed for this tutorial than for the preceding tutorials.


In this tutorial it is explained how to export the schemas, transformations, editor adjustments and contents created for the quotation administration as a module in order to provide this to another system.

Exporting the quotation administration

Our module is nearly finished. We will complete it by making a few specifications.

To do this, select the module “quotation administration” under “editor”.

Click on the greyed-out fields “Version” and “Authors” and fill these with the values “1” for the first version and your name in the author field.

Under the description you will see an section “Content”. Here we define which schemas and data are to be integrated into the installation package.

In order to integrate our self-created schemas into the module, add the necessary fields to the editor first by clicking on “schema references” under Content. Now drag the object “” from the schema administration and into the field “Designation”.

Now the data references need to be added. These are the quotation and container objects created as well as the transformations.

Click on “data references” in order to reveal the fields. Now drag the subtree “quotation administration “from the transformations and drag it to the point “target object” among the data references.
Create two further data references via the function “add data reference”. Drag your folders “quotations” and “quotation collections” into these.
Now return the document.

Finished. Now we export our module.

Now right-click on the module “quotation administration”. Under “extras” you will find the point “export module”.

After clicking on “export”, the browser will show you a save-file-dialogue. The ZIP file offered for you to download now contains the complete module with the schemas, transformations, contents and editor adjustments.

Importing a module

If you would now like to install the module in another system, right-click on the entry “Editor” there and select the point “import module” under “extras”. Now you can select the ZIP file just created and upload it.

You will see that all schemas, transformations, contents and editor adjustments are still present in the new system.

In, installable modules are created in no time and your valuable work reused in any systems.