Important note

The classic editor of the versions 1.x.x to 3.x.x. is considered outdated. There shall be no further updates to the classic editor. 



The Release comes with a new editor (Editor V2), that runs in the follwing web browsers:

  • Google Chrome,
  • Mozilla Firefox,
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (from Version 9),
  • Apple Safari.

The classic editor and the new editor both use the the client API to connect with the onion.net information server, which takes care of the data integrity. Using both versions in parallel for some time is therefore a best practice option, in order to help users to accommodate. After installation of the new editor, the project specific editor localization needs to be set up in the new editor. A migration script is available to partners upon request.  

Improvements for content-workers:

  • Personalized Dashboard with widgets, (e .g. favourites) for easier control,
  • Tabs lend to easier change between different views,
  • All views are synchronized.

Improvements for developers:

  • Use of helpful Render Engine features,
  • Can be customized by XSLT (instead of .NET programming),
  • All actions are workflows,
  • Improved module system,
  • Generic forms as re-usable component.

Improvements for User Adminstrators

  • Lists can display more than 100 users. 

Module system

The new module system empowers deveopers to deliver and publish portable extensions to the core system. 


  • encapsulate functionality,
    • XML schema,
    • XSL transformations,
    • XML data,
    • Installer scripts,
  • can be stored in dll-sssemblies as "closed source" or as "open source" in the file system or in onion.net,
  • can be de-activated, thus "hidden",
  • can be exported stand-alone or as a paket that contains several modules.

The sum of these features (update from previous version by installer script, protect the module as dll) allow to establish future-proof modules which adapt automatically to the next release. This can be used, for example, to integrate external services. 

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