Important notes

  • onion.net 4.5.7 with onion.net SharePoint Integration supports Microsoft SharePoint 2013.
  • Previous SharePoint releases are not compatible to .NET 4.0, and cannot be supported by onion.net 4.5.7 and above. 
  • If you are using SharePoint 2010 with onion.net SharePoint Integration please refrain from upgrading to onion.net 4.5.7!
  • If you want to start a new onion.net project and integrate with SharePoint 2010 (or prior), please contact us.


Development / runtime environment

  • Changed from .NET Framework 1.1/2.0/3.5 to > 4.0
  • Implementation of file storages: resolved the file system dependency
  • Provision of the onion.net distribution via Nuget packages at https://onion.net/distribution/nuget (Tutorial at YouTube)
  • Provision of onion.net extensions via Nuget packages at https://onion.net/extensions/nuget
  • Logging functionality: Common Logging replaced by log4net; Standard log4net adapter
  • Modification of the interface Onion.ImageServer: The namespace System.Drawing had to be removed, as it is not supported any more since ASP.NET 4.0
  • Removed the dependency of Editor v2 on Management Service: Project DLLs are no longer provided by a service in the editor, but dynamically loaded

onion.net Information Server

  • Extended the onion.net Information Server to run as a web application: Installation of OIS services is no longer required 
  • Implemented an SQL-Adapter to extend the interface to the data persistence layer. This constructs a new layer to implement alternative SQL-Datasources
  • Implemented a new SQL-Datasource alternative: SQL Compact

onion.net Image Server

  • Conversion of SVG vector graphics into pixel graphics


  • Updated the (embedded) CKEditor version from 3.6.2 to 4.4.5; Replaced iframe interface by Inline editing
  • Updated CodeMirror: Highlighting, Codefolding
  • Selection and loading of modules
  • Implemented bugfixes and feature requests


  • Provided a new onion.net YouTube Channel to host the tutorial videos
  • New onion.net Desktop Edition: a quicker way to implement a demo system

Solved tickets