Dataview progressive for an user

If several views are needed, there is the view “progressive”. The information of all other views is made available here.

This data view is a comfort tool. If more than two data views are used, it also offers a performance advantage over datacalls.

<um:meta xmlns:um="" xmlns:onion="" um:name="max.mustermann" um:displayName="Max Mustermann">
<um:roles />
<um:groups xmlns:um="" xmlns:onion="">
<um:group um:href="onion://usermanagement/groups/3" />
<um:groupnames xmlns:um="" xmlns:onion="">
<um:group um:href="onion://usermanagement/groups/3" um:name="Benutzer" />
<um:settings xmlns:um="" xmlns:onion="">
<um:instance um:schema="Onion:" um:name="default" um:href="onion://data/objects/761" />
Dataview for xlink onion://usermanagement/user/1