onion.net Datasources

Element Description Optional
application Sets the onion.net user account for the application namespace of the Render Engine. Yes
Attribut Description Optional
url Sets the URL for the onion.net Information Server No
username Sets the onion.net user name for logging onto the onion.net Information Server as an application server. No
password Sets the password for the user name indicated to “username”. No
enableVersionAccess Activates the data views for versions of documents. Yes
changeSetIdentities Configures the onion.net Render Engine to ChangeSets. Specifying * (include all ChangeSets) is possible, or a blank-separated list of ChangeSet IDs. Yes
<onionServer url="tcp://localhost:8087/onion/server" username="webserver" password="webserver" enableVersionAccess="true" changeSetIdentities="*">
<application username="webapplication" password="webapplication" />