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Data view

In a ChangeSet the editor sees the data stock of the productive area with the ChangeSet changes taken into account.

This becomes especially clear if a change has been made in the productive environment. This is then visible in all ChangeSets immediately. The change saved in the ChangeSet is then applied to the document already changed.

Example: a document is renamed in ChangeSet A. In the productive area, the same document is sorted into another position. After sorting, the document is also in the ChangeSet in its new position, but has the altered name in addition.

Conflicts are prevented by the fact that no contradictory changes can be made among ChangeSets and in the productive environment. This means for example that it is not possible to change the title of a document in ChangeSet B if it has already been changed in ChangeSet A. This is necessary for example for performing quality assurance over several ChangeSets simultaneously.