Datensicht versions

In order to look at the data view in the browser, the Handler “xml.ashx” is available, as is the case with other data views.
If you would now like to have the different versions of a document displayed, the data view “Versions” is helpful, which is called in the following manner:


This data view only works however once the web.config has been adapted as follows.

<source xlinkPrefix="onion" type="Onion.RenderEngine.DataSource.OnionDataSource, Onion.RenderEngine.DataSource">
<onionServer url="{url zum Server}" username="{username}" password="{password}" versionFilter="none" enableVersionAccess="true"> </onionServer>

Without this entry in the configuration, you will not be able to access the data view and you will get an error message.

The “versions” view contains information such as the date of the last modification, the editor or the version number.
<onion:version onion:href="onion://data/objects/9/1.0" onion:number="1" onion:editor="onion://usermanagement/users/1" onion:lastModification="2012-03-29T20:02:42.3630000+02:00" />
... </onion:versions>