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Structure area

Structur areaThe structure area shows all objects in the shape of a tree that the logged-on user may edit in the respective area due to his group rights.

A tree is a special graph or, simply said, a specific number of hierarchically sorted objects coming from the same root, i. e. there is one object to which all other objects are subordinated (the so-called system root object). The interrelations of the objects could be compared to family relations in a genealogical tree. There are ancestors, descendants, parents, children and siblings.
The individual branches of the object tree can be expanded and collapsed. In doing so, the state of the individual branches will be saved. If another expanded branch is collapsed, the same expansion will be available if the branch is expanded again.
A first glance at the editor shows a major difference to most of the other information or content management systems: there are only a few buttons and menu bars. The interface is not cluttered, but streamlined and functional. In order to make this possible, makes intensive use of context menus and the drag & drop function.