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The object tab "Form view" serves for creating and editing the contents of an object. To do this, the user can make us of an input mask. Structured and weakly structured contents can be entered.

  • Structured contents are data that are stored in a standardised structure or that can be made available from such a structure. Contacts within a contact administration are structured data because they usually follow a common scheme. The first name, surname, address consisting of street, house number, zip code and city, e-mail address, telephone number etc. are to be entered. The editor who creates a contact does not have any possibility to leave this scheme because contacts are set up like this and in no other way.

  • Weakly structured contents are data that are not standardised but freely combined from a certain number of information units. editor enables users to enter structured contents via progressive forms and weakly structured contents via a rich text editor. It is possible to combine both input types with each other.