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Tool bars

The rich text editor has tool bars that can be configured; their buttons make all formatting options of the editor available. The standard variant of the rich text editor offers the buttons listed in Table 5. Other buttons can be added.


Icon   Description

Delete formatting

The formatting of the highlighted text is deleted.


The last action is undone.

Redo last undo

The last action that has been undone is redone.


The highlighted contents is moved to the clipboard.


The highlighted contents is copied to the clipboard.


Pastes contents from the clipboard.

Insert as text

Inserts context as mere text without formatting.

Insert from MS Word

Inserts contents from Word; formatting is maintained but will be adjusted.


Aligns the text paragraph to the left-hand margin.


Aligns the text paragraph to the center.


Aligns the text paragraph to the right-hand margin.

Numbered list

Inserts a sorted list.


Inserts an unsorted list.

Decrease indent

Decreases the left-hand side indent of the highlighted contents

Increase indent

Increases the left-hand side indent of the highlighted contents

Quotation block

Tags a text paragraph as quote.

Add / edit link

Formats the highlighted text as hyperlink

Delete link

Deletes the highlighted hyperlink.

Insert / edit anchor

Inserts an anchor to be able to directly jump to a specific location via a link.

New image

Inserts a local image.


Inserts a table.

Insert / edit special characters

Shows a list of special characters that can be inserted in the text.

Tag language

Tagging of the language of the highlighted contents


Searches the text


Searches a specific text and replaces it

Select all

Selects the complete contents of the text field


Tags the highlighted text as bold.


Tags the highlighted text as italics.


Tags the highlighted text as subscript.


Tags the highlighted text as superscript.


Selects a paragraph template for the current template.

Show blocks

Highlights block elements in the text with a frame.

Source code

Changes to the source text view of the text.


Increases the editor's view to the maximum available surface.