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A link is a reference from a source anchor to a target anchor, in most cases from one document to another. Distinctions are made between internal and external links of the system.

An internal system link is a link to another object in the editor. To add such a link, online editors have to highlight the content that is to serve as source anchor and drag & drop the object to be linked into the rich text editor.


Online editors add an external link via the button "Add / edit link". The link text needs to be highlighted first. Following a click on the button, a properties' dialogue opens. The properties and attributes listed in Table 7 can be edited in the standard configuration.

 Link properties





Link type

Indicates the URL schema; depending on the type of indicated URLs



Indicates the target anchor of the URL; in case of internal links, the URL always corresponds to the ID of the linked object.



Here you can indicate the log of the link.

Target page

Target - The behaviour of the browser when the link is clicked is described here.



ID, Style sheet class

Indicates an ID or a class of this link.


Title description

Adds a title to the link describing the link target.


Style sheet class

Here you can add a class to the link.