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Versioning has two peculiarities:

If you are at Version 2.1 in the ChangeSet and the document is checked out before publication in the productive area, a new Version 3 is created through this. If the ChangeSet version is then published, a new Version 4 will be produced in the productive area. The Version 3 changes are no longer contained in Version 4, since the Version 2.1 published is based on Version 2. However, there is still a Version 3 of the document containing the productive area changes.

The second peculiarity arises if a document has been checked out (and is thus given the name Version 2), edited and saved in the productive area, but has not yet been returned. If the document is checked out in a ChangeSet in this moment, a new Version 2.1 will be produced. The document that is still checked out is then reset to Version 1 in the productive area by pressing “reject version”. The changes from the productive area now continue to be contained in the ChangeSet in Version 2.1 and also enter the productive area at the time of publishing. In this way contents can be published which should not really be published.

In order to prevent this problem, a notice is shown when the document is checked out in the ChangeSet, indicating that the document in the productive area is also being edited at present and that a temporary data stock is being transferred to the ChangeSet.