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The ChangeSet overview

You can switch to the ChangeSet overview at any time by clicking once on the name of the ChangeSet. This contains lists of the changed documents with their statuses as well as possibilities of set configuration.

Tip: Click on the field with the name of the ChangeSet while holding down the Shift key. The ChangeSet will now open in a new window. This is particularly practical, since the “list of the last 25 changes in the ChangeSet” is updated as soon as you make changes in the main window.

This view is divided into three tabs.

Overview-Tab in the ChangeSet Overview


This view gives you both an overview of the changes in the ChangeSet and the possibility of navigating between the documents last edited.


In the area at the top you can see the meta data of the document. This includes the name of the ChangeSet, the total number of changes as well as the list of the editors involved.

Underneath you will find a list of the last 25 changes made by you. You can expand the view to include the changes by all editors involved, by putting a checkmark next to “show changes by all users”. Due to the fact that individual changes are given in this list, documents are shown several times if they contain several changes.

By right-clicking once on a line in the list, you can open a context menu where you can jump directly to the document within the ChangeSet or open the change list of this document.

Tip: If you hold down Shift when clicking on the context menu entry “open”, you can open the target in a new window here too.

If you click on “change list”, the dialog of the same name will open where you can execute further actions on this document. This is explained in chapter  Dialog change list.

Changed documents are shown on the list in grey, whilst the name of deleted documents is indicated in dark red. A symbol in the last column shows which change is concerned:

  • Producing of a document

  • Renaming

  • Content-related editing

  • Sorting changed (order in a structural level)

  • Moving (into another structural level)

  • Deleting

Meta data

Here you will find further meta information on the ChangeSets, which display both information about the originator of the ChangeSet and the configuration of the latter. This tab is purely for the purpose of information.


The list displayed here contains a detailed overview of the changed documents and also indicates which changes have been made to the respective document.

Just as with the overview list, you have the possibility here of opening the document indicated or of accessing the change list with a right-click.

Moreover, columns for the different statuses of a document “in processing”, “finished”, “accepted” and “rejected” are shown in the right-hand area. These statuses do not only serve for the overview, but can - dependant on the rights of the user - also be changed directly in this list by clicking once on the appropriate field. See the example workflow in this chapter.