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Working with “statuses”

It is possible to display workflows using the status field. These statuses do not necessarily have to be used in the ChangeSet, although they do aid clarity.

 State choice in the changelist

 A document can take the following statuses:

  • In processing”
  • Finished”
  • Acceptance issued”
  • Rejected”

A document automatically switches to the status “in processing” as soon as a document has been changed. This concerns both content-related changes and re-sorting in the navigation. All further status changes must be explicitly set via the change list.

If an editor is happy with the state of a document, he sets the status to “finished”. The editor in charge can now have all finished documents listed in the ChangeSet overview and check them. Then the document can either be set to the status “accepted” or “rejected”.

In combination with the optional ChangeSet configuration to not allow accepted documents to be edited again, an efficient QA phase can be implemented.