Installation of the Management Server

The Management Server is installed only once on computer systems operating an Editor or an Render Engine.

1. Installation of the service

Copy the directory „ Management Server" of the distribution into your desired target directory. .NET-based Windows services are installed via the command line program installutil.exe. To do this, simply open a command line and change into the copied directory „ Management Server". In our example, it is called „c:\\services\ Management Server".

The required program installutil.exe is already stored on your computer in the directory „%WINDIR%\\framework\v2.0.50727\". For the installation, execute this program with the following arguments:

%WINDIR%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\installutil.exe Onion.Management.WindowsService.exe

Switch the start type of the service in the service management of the server from "manual" to "automatic".

We will now proceed with the required configuration steps. In the target directory, you will find the configuration file „Onion.Management.WindowsService.exe.config". 

2. Configuration of the Management Server

The cache directories are configured in the Render Engine. Files that are no longer used will be cleaned up by this service in a background process with low priority.

In our installation example, the directories "c:\\cache" and "c:\\cache\web" need to be configured. 

3. Access rights of the user account

The user account used for executing the service must have the respective read and write rights in the configured directories.

If an Editor is configured with the Management Server, the user account must have the rights to read and write in the functions directory of the Editor. In our example, this is the directory "c:\\web\contoso\editor\functions".