Editing - onion.net Datasource

The editing functions extend the core functions with the following methods. In order for the methods to be used, it is necessary to integrate the namespace http://onionworks.net/2006/data/editing.

Namespace: http://onionworks.net/2006/data/editing
NameParameterReturn typeDescription
checkIn target:xlink
boolean Returns a checked-out element.
checkOut target:xlink boolean Checks out the specified element to the logged-in user.
createBinary filename:string
string Writes a binary data object on the basis of a physical file or a link to a binary method in onion.net and returns the ReferenceIdentifier as the result.
createObject target:xlink
string Adds new datasets to the content.
deleteObject target:xlink
boolean Deletes the object at the specified place.
getUser username:string nodeset Returns information about the specified user.
renameObject target:xlink
boolean Makes it possible to rename elements.
setObjectPosition target:xlink
boolean Makes it possible to move elements to a position within the structure.
shiftObjectPosition target:xlink
boolean Makes it possible to move elements by a number of positions within the structure.
undoCheckOut target:xlink boolean Discards changes of the checked-out document.
updateObject target:xlink
boolean Saves changes to an existing object.
updateUsername userReference:string, username:string string Sets the username für a user.