ASP.NET Funktionsbibliothek

The following functions are available for supporting delivery in the ASP.NET context:

So that the functions can be used, the following namespace must be added:

NameParameterReturn typeDescription
getCookie name:string string Returns the content of a previously set cookie.
getFormParameter parameterName:string string Ouputs values from forms sent by POST.
getHeader parameterName:string string Reads out the request header sent by the Client.
getParameter parameterName:string string Outputs parameters sent with the URL.
getQueryParameter parameterName:string string Reads out parameters sent via GET.
getServerVariable parameterName:string string Reads out server variables and request headers.
httpException errorCode:int
void Forces HTTP error pages to open.
redirect forwardTo:string void Enables automatic forwarding to another page.
response expires:int
void Makes it possible to send binary data.
responseHeaders [expires:int]
void Makes it possible to send header information to the user.
setCookie name:string
void Creates cookies with a particular content, name and a creation date.
urlEncode text:string string Changes a character string into a valid URL.
userControl [id:string]
string Calls an ASP.NET user control and executes it.