Core function library

Within the integrated core functions, you will find the fundamental tools for object oriented templating. In contrast to all other extensions, all functions can be called in every namespace context. The functions of the Utility Functions Library are located below the core functions. The functions of this library and the namespace are listed on the following page.

NameParameterReturn typeDescription
b.write target:xlink void Used to write binary data of a data source directly to the binary output channel.
b.writeText text:string
void Writes the given text into the binary output channel.
c.applyMethodCascade target:xlink
string Prepares an xlink to perform a specific template lookup order
c.asNode target:xml nodeset Decodes a given string as a nodeset.
c.asProgressive source:nodeset nodeset Wraps a nodeset with a progessive navigator
c.asString target:any string Creates a string representation for any input.
c.binaryCall [target:xlink]
[name:string, value:string]*
nodeset Calls a binary method and returns its' metadata output as a nodeset
c.binaryMethodExists [target:xlink]
boolean Checks the existence of a given binary method
c.binaryUri [target:xlink]
[name:string, value:string]*
nodeset Returns a url compliant link to a binary method
c.cacheFor [minutes:int]
void Requests an invalidation of the current rendering after the given time period.
c.cacheUntil until:datetime void Requests an invalidation of the current rendering at the given point in time.
c.choose [condition:boolean]
any Returns an output based on a given condition
c.dataCall [target:xlink]
nodeset Returns data for a given xlink and dataview
c.dataCallInProcess [target:xlink]
nodeset Returns data for a given xlink and dataview without utilizing the content cache
c.dateCompare [currentDate:datetime]
int Compares the current or given date with another date.
c.dateWithin [currentDate:datetime]
boolean Compares the current date with a given range
c.generateId [current:nodeset]
string Creates a unique identity for a given xml node within a document
c.instanceOf [target:xlink]
boolean Used to check, if a given data object is compatible with a given type.
c.literalCall [target:xlink]
[name:string, value:string]*
string Calls a literal method and returns its' textual output
c.literalMethodExists [target:xlink]
boolean Checks the existence of a given literal method
c.literalUri [target:xlink]
[name:string, value:string]*
string Returns a url compliant link to a literal method
c.newGuid string Generates a Guid. datetime Returns the current date and time formatted as an xml schema datetime.
c.resolveNode id:string nodeset Resolves a node from the unique identifier generated by c.generateId.
c.throwException message:string void Verursacht einen Ausnahmefehler mit der angegebenen Fehlermeldung.
c.typeOf [schemaLocationA:string]
boolean Checks if the first schema location either fits under the second schema loction or is the second schema location
c.urlDecode text:string
string Decodes the given string from a parameter value of a query string.
c.urlEncode text:string
string Encodes the given string to fit as an parameter value in an query string
c.xlink [target:xlink]
[name:string, value:string]*
xlink Returns a method link with the passed parameters
c.xmlCall [target:xlink]
[name:string, value:string]*
nodeset Calls an XML-method and return a Nodeset as the result
c.xmlMethodExists [target:xlink]
boolean Checks, if an XML-method with a given name and a given location exists