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Filtering options

As time goes on, a great many changes to documents can accumulate in a ChangeSet. Using the filtering options in this list you can determine which changes you would like to be shown.

All documents are shown as standard which have a checkmark in at least one of the columns under “changes” and “status”.

By clicking on one or several of the symbols in the column heading, you can now deactivate (filter) these for displaying. Documents which only have a checkmark in these deactivated columns would now no longer be shown.

 Not filtered changelist with all elements

 Filterd changelist: Only elements with the State "Completed", "Approval accorded" or the change "Sorted"

Alternatively, you can also select all columns in the respective area at once by clicking on the heading “changes” or “status”.

If you have deactivated a column and a document is still shown in the list because of another checkmark, the checkmark of the deactivated column is shown in grey.

The list is “OR”-linked. This means that all documents are shown which have a checkmark in at least one of the active columns.

Workflows can be easily displayed using these filter functions.