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Module overview

The module overview allows you to cast your eyes over all modules present in the system. Modules can be read from an assembly, from the file system or from the data repository. The modules are listed in the overview in the following order:

  • data repository
  • Assembly
  • File system

The module overview also offers different functionalities. For example, you can call the functions “install module”, “create module” and “export modules” via the button toolbar. Modules from the data repository can also be deactivated and deleted.

Install module

This functionality serves for installing new modules, as well as for updating existing modules. Clicking on the associated link will open a dialogue for downloading a module package. Once this has been successfully downloaded, the contents of the package will be clearly shown and you will have the possibility of selecting the modules to be installed, with the appropriate feature.

Create module

The dialogue for creating a module offers the possibility of maintaining a name, the author, the default language and a description. A description is not absolutely necessary for the creation of a module. After this has been successfully completed, you are taken to the module features page and can start working in a module.

Export modules

This functionality serves for exporting a module package. A module package can consist of one or more modules. The modules can be secured when exporting. This means they cannot be edited in the system they are being imported into.

Deactivate module

Modules located in the data repository can be deactivated. You will find a control element for this purpose by the respective module in the module overview. In the case of a successful module deactivation, only the localization and the object structure windows of the module will be deactivated.

Delete module

Only modules can be deleted in the editor which are located in the data repository. Modules from the file system or an assembly must be deleted manually in the appropriate place. There is a control element in the overview of the respective module for deleting a module in the data repository. When deleting a module, all schemas and data objects of the module are deleted.