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Users / groups

In the section “users / groups”, users, groups and user profiles can be configured for the module which are to be installed or updated when importing the module.


In the “Users” tab, existing users can be selected that are intended to be part of the module. In addition, the password must be assigned so that this user can also be created in the system to be installed. The roles defined in the user are applied too, meaning the user is also given these roles in the target system. It is to be ensured here however that the user who installs the module has the necessary rights for this user to be given these roles.


In the “Groups” tab, groups are added that are intended to be part of the module. If group includes, members or data objects are present in the target system, these are added to the group.

User profiles

For users, user profiles can also be provided along with the module.

For this purpose, a data object is referenced which is to be used as a user profile. Accordingly, the instance name and the schema name of the data object have to be indicated. So that this profile can be assigned to users as well, user or group bindings can be indicated. Users indicated at the time of user binding are given this profile. In the case of group bindings, all users that are members of this group are given this user profile.