formatXmlDate (date : datetime, format : string, [culture : string]) : string

The method “formatXmlDate” converts a date in xml format into another date format. The parameter datetime describes a date in xml format. The format to be converted to is determined with “format”. “culture” describes the usual date format of a country (e.g. “de”, “at” or “en”). (List of all possible parameters to follow).

<xsl:value-of select="util:formatXmlDate('2005-11-10T10:25:00.00000+02:00', 'D')" />
<xsl:value-of select="util:formatXmlDate('2005-11-10T10:25:00.00000+02:00', 'dddd', 'de')" />
Conversion of a date from xml format into another format

In the first example, the date is converted into a format which outputs the weekday and the date by way of the the parameters "D". The language the day is output in is decided by the server settings.
Output: Thursday, 10th November 2005

In the second example, the date is converted into a format which contains just the weekday due to the parameter "dddd". The parameter "de" specifies here that the usual German output format is selected.

Notes on syntax and many examples are listed on the page