userControl ([id : string], ascxTemplate : string, [name : string]) : string

An ASP.NET user control can be called and executed via the method “userControl”. The user control is specified for “ascxTemplate”. In addition, parameters can be transferred which call the getter methods of the control.

The return parameter is the output stream of the user control.

<web:userControl ascxTemplate="guestbookControl.ascx" entries="{c.xlink('entries')}" />
Calling of “guestbookControl.ascx”

The example calls the UserControl “guestbookControl.ascx”, which is located in the root directory of the project. In addition, an XLink is transferred in order to read out XML data for example.

In the same way however, new entries could also be added by transferring the input parameters to the user control. It would be less time-consuming however to save the inputs via the transformations.