getParameter (parameterName : string) : string

getParameter” outputs parameters sent with the URL. The parameters can have been sent either via GET or via POST.

<xsl:value-of select="web:getParameter('lang')" />

The URL is to look as follows for the example:


“de” is subsequently output as a result for this example.
Not only can parameters be read out from the URL with “getParameter”, but also values of form fields.

If there is a field in a form which was also designated with “lang”, then it is not the value from the URL but that from the form that is used in the example. It is irrelevant here whether the form is a GET or POST form.

If however the value of “lang” from the URL and the value of “lang” from the POST form are to be read out, then “getQueryParameter” must be used for the URL parameter and “getParameter” or “getFormParameter” for the form value.