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Element Description Namespace Number
columns Parent element for defining the displayable columns 1
childType Configuration section for a child element 1..*


Attribute Description Namespace Optional
schemaLocations List, separated by blanks, of the SchemaLocations to which the list view is to be applied   No
applyToDerivations Boolean value for the inheritance of the list view by the derivations of defined schemas   Yes
order List, separated by blanks, of the value pairs column Id#sorting direction. For example: “title#ascending creator#descending"   Yes
<detailView schemaLocations="" applyToDerivations="false" order="title#descending">
<column i18n:key="title" label="Title" id="title" width="50px" align="left" visibility="fixed" minWidth="auto" type="text" />
<column i18n:key="creator" label="Creator" id="creator" width="auto" visibility="visible" minWidth="auto" align="left" type="text" />
<childType schemaLocations="" structureInvisible="false" applyToDerivations="false">
<column ref="title">
<xsl:value-of select="onion:meta/@onion:name" />
<column ref="creator">
<xsl:value-of select="onion:meta/@onion:creator" />