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Using the Designer you can arrange the activities in a clear fashion and functionally interconnect them. The Designer offers certain automatisms which are performed automatically when creating an activity or when connecting activities. You can arrange all activities and connections by dragging and dropping.

Creating an activity

An overview of all instantiable activities can be found in the left-hand area of the Designer. These activities can be dragged and dropped onto the workspace and will thus be created after the name has been successfully entered.

Deleting an activity

In order to delete an activity, it must first be marked. To mark just click on the appropriate activity. If an activity is marked, then you will be able to see an “x” for deletion in the upper right-hand area of the activity. After clicking on this control element the activity will be deleted.

Editing an activity

Right-clicking on an activity opens a context menu with the available functions for an activity. The point “Edit” enables the activity to be edited.

Creating a connection

In order to create a connection, the sender activity may be not marked. When the cursor is moved over an activity, control elements for the creation of a connection are displayed in the centres of the pages. Dragging from these control points will create a temporary connection. If the temporary connection is dropped on an activity, a dialogue will appear for entering the connection name. After the input, the connection will be permanently created.

Deleting a connection

To delete a connection, this must first be marked. To mark, just click on the connection. After clicking, the connection will be shown with a frame and a control element with an “x” will be added for connection. Clicking on this control element will delete the connection.

Configuring of a connection

Right-clicking on a label of a connection will open a context menu with available functions for a connection. The point “Edit” enables the connection to be edited.