createImage (target : xlink, [fromDataSource : boolean]) : nodeset

An image object can be created from picture data with this method. Picture data can be loaded directly via the data source (default) as well as via a binary method. If the picture data is loaded via a binary method, then the parameter “fromDataSource” must be allocated the value “false”. If the picture data is loaded via a data source however, then the parameter “fromDataSource” can be omitted, since this is allocated the value “true” by default. The syntax of the method can be seen in the following example. The variable “src” contains the xlink of the data source.

<xsl:variable name="image" select="is:createImage($src)" />

The variable “image” contains the following XML

<image width="3744" colorDepth="24" pixelFormat="Pixel24bppBgr" height="5616">
<resolution x="300" y="300" units="DotsPerInch" />