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NameParameterReturn typeDescription
actionUrl action:string, controller:string
[param:string, arg:string]*
string Creates a URL with the given controller, the given action and, if appropriate, the parameters.
binaryLength binaryLink:string string Supplies the length of a binary file.
binaryMimeType binaryLink:string string Supplies the MIME-type of a binary file.
binaryUrl binaryLink:string string Supplies the URL of a binary file.
childrenSchemata id:int nodeset Supplies the creatable child schemas of the schema with the given Id.
configuration schemaLocation:string
nodeset Supplies the configuration of the schema with the given schema location and instance.
dataObjectIcon xlink:string
string Supplies the icon of the schema of the indicated object-Id.
dataObjectPath xlink:string
string Supplies the path of a data object, which is defined by the given Id.
resourceUrl resource:string string Supplies the URL to a resource.
schemaIcon location:string string Supplies the icon for a schema.
schemaLocalization id:int string Supplies the localization of a schema.
schemaLocalizationFromObject id:int string Supplies the localization of the schema of the given data object.
users nodeset Supplies all users visible for the user.