c.dateCompare ([currentDate : datetime], compareTo : datetime) : int

The function dateCompare compares the current date with another date compareTo. The function will return one of the following values:

-1 The current date is prior to the target date
0 The current date equals the target date
1 The current date is after the target date

A specific date can be compared by the use of the optional argument currentDate.

If this function is used without giving a specific current date it also creates a time dependency to the date, when the return value of dateCompare changes. For example if this method is executed a 2 PM to check if the current time is prior to 3 PM, the computed result will automatically become invalidated at 3 PM, because this method would most likely return a different result.

<xsl:if test="c.dateCompare('2007-01-01T12:00:00') > 0"> ... </xsl:if>
Time controlled output

This condition will become true after January 1st 2007.