c.asProgressive (source : nodeset) : nodeset

The function asProgressive wraps a given nodeset with a progressive xpath navigator. This navigator is transparent, but has the capability to load xml fragments when you enter specific parts of the xml document. To do so, progressive xml documents just reference other xml documents which - then - will be part of your document.

Using progressive documents you have the comfort to offer a rich data aggregation at the same cost someone would need to obtain the information via several xml documents. Cache dependencies are only created to the data you consumed.

<xsl:variable ame="_doc" select="c.xmlCall('meta')/meta" />
<xsl:variable ame="doc" select="c.asProgressive($_doc)" />
creates a progressive wrapper for an existing xml document

For this purpose there exists an extension to the xsl:variable tag.

<xsl:variable ame="doc" select="c.xmlCall('meta')/meta""ProgressiveNode" />
using the attribute to obtain a progressive wrapper