c.dataCall ([target : xlink], dataView : string) : nodeset

The function dataCall requests data for a given xlink. The argument dataview controls, which aspect of the addressed object should be returned. If no xlink argument is given, the data call will be targeted at the current data object.

<xsl:variable name="data" select="c.dataCall('onion://data/objects/100', 'meta')" />
<xsl:value-of select="$data/onion:object/@onion:name" />
Print the object name of an data object

This example evaluates the data view “meta” for the onion object 100. The result is returned as a node-set and enables the direct use of XPath expressions. In our example the name of the onion object is written into the output stream.

Unlike the method “dataCallInProcess”, the evaluation of the data takes place via the integrated cache. This means that querying the data again leads to a nodeset that is already cached if the object has not changed in the meantime.